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DMOZ appreciated by Allegro Madman!

Published on Wednesday, 18 January 2006 by Luke Jarzembowski

The first of my service, I was in the DMOZ directory is Allegro maniac.

Editors of the most valuable directory of websites recently added to the category of the World> Poland> Shopping> Auctions my service - Allegro Maniak .

At the entry to the catalog I waited for about half a year, but paid off. DMOZ'a base high premium on the most popular Internet search engine - Google . Also, many publishers and creates a copy of the directory on their own servers, which translates into my web site's popularity among Internet users and other search engines - such a "viral marketing" in the positioning ;-)

The Open Directory ( The Open Directory Project, ODP ) is the largest and most complete directory of websites, created and managed by volunteer editors. Placed in the hand characterized by high substantive value. I am pleased therefore that appreciated my work :-)

What could be with this advice to you?

Create useful websites! Sooner or later they will be appreciated and your hard work will be rewarded :-)

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4 comments to "DMOZ appreciated the Allegro Madman!"

  1. bicycle shop he wrote:

    Gratuluje.Może gain Pagerank :)

  2. office furniture wrote:

    "Create useful websites! Sooner or later they will be appreciated and your hard work will be rewarded :-) "
    Sacred words

  3. English translations wrote:

    Right. Twórzcie a good hand / with good content and benefits "will come by itself."

  4. Rychu wrote:

    dołanczam up for congratulations :))))

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