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Life without Google

Published on Monday, 31 July 2006 by Luke Jarzembowski

The Internet has been secretly dominated by one company - Google.

Are you using either the Internet is a "Googling"? Turn on the browser - automatically enter Google search. You type a query, viewing the page, and on them - Google ads. This is one of the few companies online , with such powerful brand awareness.

Have you ever wondered how your life would look like without Google? Well, probably not much different than it is now ... well, maybe then it would be difficult to find all the desired information on the Internet, but then it would not be impossible. Seven years ago, Google did not exist, and people also used the internet!

Such reflections occurred to me after seeing this news . Google becomes a monopoly on Internet search market, and new services which at the same time provides, in some environments are controversial.

Although we did not like monopolies, and so make use of their services. Most people still have the phone in TPSA and uses the Windows ... So instead of dislike monopolies - join them, make them. At the very fact "nielubieniu someone" does not earn money: - /

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2 comments for "Life without Google"

  1. Yo wrote:

    Heh Google = only monopolist krórego I like and respect : D

  2. marcin wrote:

    But what kaman? Uncle google gives to earn a lot of money.
    Why should I not lbić monopoly since it is good?

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