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Trust Rank

Published on Tuesday, 7 April 2009 by Luke Jarzembowski

One of the most important variables in the algorithm of Google is to me! Trust Rank. From my experience, it is this "variable" (which in fact we do not see) is (among others) responsible for applying to the domain filters and bans.

I'm not a professional positioner may spammer, but in my experience that the parties that:

  • were well "Linked" (eg. with valuable directories)
  • They had diversified anchorY
  • They link back "outside" to the valuable services
  • They were "long" on the Web

always "somehow" survived changes in Google algorithms. It does not hurt them as linking with SWLi and other sudden increases links.

If, therefore, only "booting" a new page in the Internet - Link to it slowly with valuable catalogs, create thematic facilities and ... wait. As noted by Tom - some seven months ... Later you can experiment with less "pure" linking techniques ;)

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2 comments for "Trust Rank"

  1. Bogdan wrote:


    At some time I noticed some udstepstwa of technique operation the Google index, and so a sudden increase of Links is not responsible for podzyszenie positions, but periodic addition of car to directories and changes related topics (of course most suited to the topic of the page) causes increases over time viewing. He also noted that Google is quite intelignetnym tool that really sees which party has the most useful contents for mplayer and pushes them forward in the results. Pages which so naprwde include content focused hard pozadku non-position.

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