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DMOZ appreciated Allegro maniac!

Published on Wednesday, 18 January 2006 by Luke Jarzembowski

My first service, which was in the Allegro directory is DMOZ Maniak.

Editors of the most valuable web directory recently added to the category World> Poland> Shopping> Auctions my service - Allegro Maniak .

On entry to the directory I waited about half a year, but it paid off. Base DMOZ'a high rewards the most popular Internet search engine - Google . Also, many publishers and creates a copy of this directory on their own servers, which translates into my popularity among Internet service and other search engines - such a "viral marketing" in the positioning ;-)

The Open Directory ( The Open Directory Project, ODP ) is the largest and most complete directory of websites created and managed by volunteer editors. Placed in the hand have a high value on the merits. I welcome the fact that they appreciated my work :-)

What could be from the council for you?

Create valuable site! Sooner or later they will be appreciated, and your hard work will be rewarded :-)

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4 comments to "Allegro appreciated DMOZ maniac!"

  1. bicycle shop wrote:

    Gratuluje.Może gain Pagerank:)

  2. office furniture said:

    "Create valuable site! Sooner or later they will be appreciated, and your hard work will be rewarded :-) "
    Sacred words

  3. English translations he wrote:

    Right. Build a good hand / with good content and benefits "come alone".

  4. Rychu wrote:

    dołanczam August to congratulate :))))